Why Are Things The Way They Are?
By Lisa Burchett
Mommy, Daddy........Why?
Mommy, why are the roses red?
Mommy, why is the grass green and the sky blue?
Why does a spider have a web and not a house?
Daddy, why can't I play in your toolbox?
Teacher, why do I have to read?
Mother, why can't I wear lipstick to the dance?
Daddy, why can't I stay out until 12:00? The other kids can.
Daddy, why don't the boys like me?
Why do I have to be so skinny?
Why do I have braces and wear glasses?
Why do I have to be 16?
Mom, why do I have to graduate?
Dad, why do I have to grow up?
Mom, Dad, why do I have to leave?
Mom, why don't you write more often?
Dad, why do I miss my old friends?
Dad, why do you love me so much?
Dad, why do you spoil me? Your little girl is growing up.
Mom, why don't you visit?
Mom, why is it hard to make new friends?
Dad, why do I miss being at home?
Dad, why does my heart skip a beat when he looks in my eyes?
Mom, why do my legs tremble when I hear his voice?
Mother, why is being "in love" the greatest feeling in the world?
Daddy, why don't you like to be called "Gramps"?
Mother, why do my baby's tiny fingers cling so tightly to mine?
Mother, why do they have to grow up?
Daddy, why do they have to leave?
Why do I have to be called "Granny"?
Mommy, Daddy, why did you have to leave me? I need you.
Why did my youth slip past me?
Why does my face show every smile that I have ever given to a
      friend or a stranger?
Why does my hair glisten a shiny silver?
Why do my hands quiver when I bend to pick a flower?
Why, God, are the roses red?
The Afternoon Knows What The Morning Never Suspected...

We are strong...
When inspite of our grief, we can help others with theirs.

We are brave...
When we overcome our own fears, to help others with theirs.

We are happy...
When we purpose life around others.

We are caring...
When our own pain does not blind us to the pain of others.
We are loving...
When we learn to replace "it's all about me" with "it's all about you."

We are wise...
When we learn to ask questions.

We are true...
When we know the real us, when we are all alone.

We are alive...
When yesterday's mistake gives meaning to tomorrow's purpose.

We are growing...
When we know what we are now and what we are trying to become.

We are free...
When we are in control of ourself and do not wish to control others.

We are honorable...
When we find our honor is to honor others.

We are generous...
When giving becomes more important than getting.

We are humble...
When others' well being becomes more important than our own.

We are thoughtful...
When we see others' hurts, rather than their mistakes.

We are merciful...
When we forgive in others, the faults we condemn in ourself.

We are rich...
When we never need more than what we have.
We are sexually mature...
When the spirit of another becomes more important than their body.

Author Unknown
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Why Are Things The Way They Are?

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