A group of wealthy aristocrats financed the first colony in America, Jamestown, Virginia. At the same time, a group of church separatists were kicked out of England by King James and moved to The Netherlands. While these two seemly unrelated events are taking place, an adventure is beginning for a young Indian boy named Squanto...
Squanto lived in an Indian Village on the East Coast of America. He was captured by an English Merchant Ship- a slave trader. He was taken to England and sold to a wealthy, kind and generous Englishman who taught Squanto, the English language. A couple of years went by and Squanto agreed to be a guide for an English expedition. He took them to the place he grew up and had family and asked to be freed. The kind Captain of the expedition agreed and released Squanto. He returned to his family.
A short time later, Squanto spotted another ship and ran to greet them. This was another English slave trader. They captured him and took him to Spain. Squanto was put on the auction block and some Spanish monks purchased him and set him free. He lived with the monks for a while and learned about Jesus, who came to earth a long, long time ago to set all men free. The monks arranged for Squanto to go to England to find a ship, to return to his village. A kind Englishman helped Squanto get on a ship to return home.
Everyone in his village had died of a white man's disease. Squanto was sad and confused. He both hated and loved the white man. He moved to the village of a friend.
Back in Jamestown, the first settlement had all but died out from lack of understanding of what it took to survive in the new land. The aristocrat sponsors went to The Netherlands and offered the separatists a sponsorship to the new land to practice their new religion. They accepted. They were going to  New England, north of Jamestown.
As they neared the new land, a storm blew up and they landed at what we know as Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts.
They had landed in the exact spot of Squanto's former village. Squanto saw them, but hid. He was not sure of what to do.
A lot of the Pilgrims died the first witnter. They weren't doing many things right. They were in dire need of some help. That help would be Squanto.
At the urging of an Indian friend, he walked into the settlement. Muskets raised, then lowered, as the settlers heard this Indian say in perfect English, "My name is Squanto. I am your friend. I am here to help you."
It was Squanto that made peace for the Pilgrams with the neighboring Indians. It was Squanto who taught them how to survive and even thrive in their new homeland.
Squanto lived with the Pilgrams for a 18 months and died of illness. The difference between the Jamestown Colony and the Plymouth Colony was Squanto.
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The full stories of Squanto, the Jamestown Colony, the Plymouth Colony, the Separatists, Francis Bacon, etc. are available through a Google search.
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