Inspiration is Fueled By Purpose
 I set the manuscript on my wife's night table as we left to go rollerblading, not knowing she would never come home - never sleep in her bed again.
Teresa lost control on her rollerblades and fell. She suffered a brain injury from the impact and was rushed to the hospital. The initial prognosis was bad. The frontal lobes of her brain were bruised and there was some swelling. But they thought she would live.
But things didn't go as the doctors hoped. The swelling did not stop, and since the brain is enclosed in the skull, there's not a lot of space for swelling. Over a five day period, Teresa's brain slowly imploded.
Five days after she fell, Teresa died of her injuries. I held her hand as her heart stopped. I cried. Oh, God, how I cried. I had lost my wife, my children's mother, my best friend. But worse than that, Teresa had lost her life.
Her wants, her hopes, her dreams - were gone. Finished before she could reach her goals. She was an attractive woman, whose true beauty lie inside. She was an intelligent woman, who found innovative ways to help others.
And she was gone.
I walked into the bedroom a few days after her funeral and stood on her side of the bed. The manuscript was exactly where I had placed it two weeks earlier. It was the eighth book I had written, a thriller like the other seven.
I tucked the book in a drawer and didn't write again for a year. The motivation - the passion for what I truly loved doing - was gone.
Until I met a woman who changed my life. She worked for a children's hospital foundation and often spoke in public. She needed a new speech. The old one had been around the block a few times and was getting a bit worn.
I wrote that speech, then another, and another. What had been a passion before Teresa's death, was reinvigorated. I was writing again.
And again, I was inspired.
Inspired by the sick and injured children in the hospital who met their illness with such courage and determination.
Inspired by the incredible woman who delivered my speeches - who captivated audiences and raised money to benefit the children.
Inspired by the men and women who donated so generously to the hospital.
And once the inspiration started, I couldn't stop it.
All around me I saw wonderful things happening. People caring for other people - pushing their wheelchairs when they couldn't walk - feeding them when they couldn't eat- reading to them when they couldn't hold the book.
Mothers and fathers loving their babies.
People smiling at strangers. Saying thank you. Holding doors open.
Inspiration again, was all around me.
We are inspired by purpose. Without purpose, we whither.
Find purpose and you will find your inspiration.
Have a great day!
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Inspiration is Fueled By Purpose
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