His Mysterious Ways
A baby boy was born in Essex, England in 1725. His father was a shipmaster in the Mediterranean Sea Service and his mother a nonconformist Christian. His mother died of Tuberculosis when the little boy was six.
The little boy's mother prayed for her little boy nonstop. She asked the Lord to use her little boy to make a difference.
After his mother's death, the little boy was sent to a boarding school. At the age of eleven, he left boarding school and went to sea with his father.
After his father's retirement, the now young man was pressed into Naval Service. He hated the naval activities aboard the ship and tried to escape; he was caught and tried for desertion.
At his own request, the young man was discharged from the Navy and pressed into service on a Merchant ship. It was a slave trader.
The young man grew in the ways of the trade and became captain; a captain hated by all.
On a return voyage with a full cargo, a fierce storm blew up and the ship was on the verge of sinking. The now grown man in the bows of the ship, began remembering his mother's prayers and hymns. He then began to pray for himself. his crew and his cargo. God saved the ship.
He left the sea to become a minister and as the years rolled by, he began to write hymns and join forces with a Congressman friend for the successful Abolition of Slavery in the UK.
The man's name was John Newton and his most famous hymn is... Amazing Grace.
The Lord answered his mother's prayers. It is estimated that Amazing Grace has been sung by more people, translated into more languages and responsible for more conversions than any other hymn ever written.
But now we see, "It took the build, to make the Presentation."
We cannot comprehend the build, until we've seen the presentation...Just hold on, His Presentation for you is just as awesome.
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