The Mouse and The House
There was a tiny little mouse that decided it was time to live in a house.

He checked the entire neighborhood, through the thickened weeds; to find a place of his his own, one that would fit his needs.

When all at once he saw a home; with an old man who lived there all alone.

He stopped by garbage cans and such, to tell his friends he'd be out of touch; with many sad and teary goodbyes, he left the streets as he let out a sigh.

He settled into the place he called home, and decided to be friends ...with the old man who lived alone.

The first night he spent there, he looked all around to see what he'd find, and here's what he found ...

Some pictures of a loving wife, and some kids that he had given life; he saw a letter left in the drawer, And when he read it, this is what he saw ...

"My dear, dear husband, I soon will be gone, but please be strong and try to go on; I hope that our children will be kind to you, I hate to leave you darlin', but my life on earth is through."

All at once the phone rang loud,  the old man answered it and he sounded very proud ..."No son, it's fine ... I have places to go, besides, around Christmas, I'm afraid of the snow; Billy, you have a good holiday and please tell the kids Grandpa's gifts are on their way."
He hung up the phone and dried away a tear, he looked up toward the Heaven's and said, "I miss you so, my dear."

He went to a chair and put on the TV, and changed the channels for something to see; when all at once, he saw me standing there, I thought he'd try to chase me but all he did was stare.

He said, "Hi you little critter ... welcome to my home! now I feel much better for I am not alone."

Well, that was a while ago when all this came about, and now I'm feeling awful ... they just carried his body out.

I have such wonderful memories, he was such a gentle old man; I remember the dinners that we'd share, as he fed me right out of his hand.

I never saw his children ... Well ... not until today; as they went through the entire house and carted things away.

I must go back into the streets where friends of mine still roam; but I'll miss the old man who lived here, for He made his house my home.
Author Unknown
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