The Matrix
Matrix is Latin for Womb- A matrix is a set of equations with constants and variables, from which outcomes are developed. A matrix is a dynamo, input generates output, with different possible outputs or outcomes. We are each a dynamo and we live in a matrix.
We determine our outcomes with our own inputs into the matrix. The same rules or principles of operation govern the dynamics of the matrix for each and all.
Once the matrix receives an input, it is out of balance and it cannot stop until it generates an output. Continous inputs into the matrix generate interdependencies, thresholds and multipliers, so that ouputs cannot be traced back through linear sequence.
That is, we won't be aware of where the output came from unless we comprehend the dynamics of the matrix. Every word, every thought and every action creates a variable input to be mixed with other inputs to determine an output or set of outputs.
I am good at classroom instruction, it is the tests I struggle with. My words, thoughts and deeds cause me more trouble than the inputs from everyone else combined, how about you?
We learn and grow day by day. Sometimes I take one step forward and two steps backwards. When I flunk a test, it resets the matrix and I have to take the classroom instruction over; I get the same test presented in a different scenerio or environment, until I get it right.
We are all flawed to the core and all in the same boat. So it is not one is better than another.
Salvation does not override the matrix, it just puts us in another blood line not under the law of sin and death. The classroom instruction and the tests will continue as long as we are here.
I can write a book on things not to say, by stupid things I said yesterday. I can write a book on things not to do, by stupid things I did yesterday and I suspect that will continue as long as I am here.
One of the hardest lessons for me to learn was, "What I plant in your garden, will grow in mine." I still struggle with it.
Not every bad thing that happens to a person, is because they put in a bad input. The matrix is larger than that. It is huge. It covers families, generation lines, groups, societies, etc. 
So when some problem is going on in my life, I am learning to say, "Lord, is there something I need to learn or do here?"
I am trying to learn not to point fingers. We are all flawed. Maybe not all in the same areas, but we all have our problem areas. 
We each have a whole pie. Each pie has large pieces and slivers and they are all divided up different. That covers intelligence, flaws and all other aspects of our lives.
So if I can learn to say, "What can I learn here or how can I help?" , I am generating an input into the matrix that can satisfy a multitude of negative inputs by me and by others.
This matrix is clearly in a state of flux. But nothing about this matrix or any matrix is random and the outcome of any single variable is never independent of the integrated whole.
Comprehension of the integrated whole is essential to comprehension of interdependencies and thresholds that enable it. A threshold is an outcome that non-fundamental. It doesn't exist until a number of interdependencies or magnitude within interdependencies has brought it into being.
At the risk of losing you, matrices are integrations. The difference between a matrix and an automated integration is not range of variables, it is abstract choice.
In a matrix, choice is the driver and in an automated integration such as physical life, choice is from predetermined range of variables to satisfy interdependencies already in place. Choice in a matrix can generate new frontiers. 
'Learning and growth' is a process. If you are reading this, you will make it. You might ooch and ouch every step of the way, just like me, but you make it.... As flawed as I am, the Lord told me I could have what I ask for and I ask him for you.
Have a great day!
The Matrix
Things are not as they seem.

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