Awaiting Further Instructions

He was just sitting there.  Almost motionless, he looked off into the distance, blinking periodically and looking very much at peace.
"Ah, he drives me crazy," the woman next to him said.
I was visiting a local nursing home early one morning and came into the great room, a large room with a high ceiling and huge windows.
The residents often gather there right after breakfast. There are no televisions, no music, just quiet reflection.
Visitors often spend time with their loved ones in this spot away from all the traffic in the hallways.
I introduced myself to the only two people there.  The woman smiled and said hello and the man barely raised his left hand to acknowledge me.
"He does this every morning," she explained. "We hurry through our meal so that he has time to sit here quietly before the rest arrive."
I discovered that they were married and decided life would be easier for both of them if they lived in a residence where someone would always be around.
"Well, I guess he..." I was interrupted by the woman.
"He calls it "A. F. I" she explained.
"A.F.I.? What is that?" I asked.
"Awaiting further instructions," she said.
There was an awkward silence.
Then suddenly he sat up, looked at me and smiled.
"I know what you're thinking. No, I'm not an alien from space," he said and began laughing.
"You are to me," his wife added.
"It's like prayer time. I don't like to get into my day without checking in with the Big Guy," he said.
"Sitting quietly helps me to better understand what my day ahead will be like."
"So, God wakes you up, and then you wait for further instructions," I said.
"That's it," he replied.
"What did He tell you today?" I asked.
"He said some nice man would visit with us this morning."
"Ah, you're crazy!" his wife added with a smile.
"He said you'd say that, too!" the man added.
We all laughed and had a wonderful talk about growing up in faith.
Think about how significant that idea really is and try it this week. Find a time early in your day to just sit quietly and listen. 
All too often our conversations with God are like a grocery shopping list of things we want. 
Why not listen to what He wants and has planned for your day?
If anyone asks what you are doing just tell them, " AFI... Awaiting Further Instructions."
"I wish you enough!"
I read three chapters of Job or Proverbs every morning before my check-in prayer.
I want to know  the interdependencies of the integrated whole including the cosmos [the integration is seamless all the way through], so I'm asking the Engineer.
I want to know about dynamos, matrices and self inflicted wounds, so I am asking the Architect.
I am still the most flawed creature on the planet and I still stumble a dozen times a day, but I have an inquisitive mind...
I love logic and wisdom, so I choose to follow my Creator-my Mentor around and watch how He does things.
It gives my life meaning and purpose. Sometimes a window will open and I get a glimpse of things and I sit breathless in a state of awe. I don't know how to write it...I don't know where to start.
This has nothing to do with being good or bad; those are relative terms and we are all flawed to the core.
It has to do with choice of focus. We are all on the bullet train called life. I want what time I have left on the train to count and when the train stops at my stop, I am not afraid to get off.
I used to love Raves, Techno Strobes and Dance. I am still drawn to hypnotic drum sequences.
The Lord never took those away. He offered me something better and after a time, I willingly walked away from the first to get a better hold on the second...
Wanta' hear something He showed me? Heaven has a Cafe'.
There are people we meet that we would have liked to have known better on this side, but circumstances prevented it.
I send ahead Reservations to Heaven's Cafe'. Every reservation I send is accepted and logged in the book.
The Holy Spirit will make sure they keep that reservation. Focus. I want to take a whole lot of people with me.
It's like having a cell phone. At first, you didn't know you needed it; but after you got it, you wondered how in the world you ever lived without it.
Have a great day!


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