The Guy in the Mirror
When you get what you want in your struggle for self,
And the world makes you King for a day,
Then go to the mirror and look at yourself,
And see what that guy has to say.
For it isn't your Father, or Mother, or Wife,
Who judgement upon you must pass.
The feller whose verdict counts most in your life
Is the guy staring back from the glass.
He's the feller to please, never mind all the rest,
For he's with you clear up to the end,
And you've passed your most dangerous, difficult test
If the guy in the glass is your friend.
You may be like Jack Horner and "chisel" a plum,
And think you're a wonderful guy,
But the man in the glass says you're only a bum
If you can't look him straight in the eye.
You can fool the whole world down the pathway of years,
And get pats on the back as you pass,
But your final reward will be heartaches and tears
If you've cheated the guy in the glass.
by Dale Wimbrow, (c) 1934
-The Guy in the Glass
I like this poem but it can be misleading. The man in the mirror is only self-correcting if character has been developed in the trenches...Correction is from cross-examination by an opponent...Two people sharing the same narrative will interpret from the same narrative...It is only by providing contrast, that flaws in the narrative are highlighted...
A Strong Person versus A Person of Strength
A strong person works out every day to keep their body in shape...a person of strength kneels in prayer to keep their soul in shape...
A strong person isn't afraid of anything...a person of strength shows courage in the midst of their fear...
A strong person won't let anyone get the best of them...a person of strength gives the best of themself to everyone...
A strong person makes mistakes and avoids the same in the future...a person of strength realizes life's mistakes can also be God's blessings and capitalizes on them...
A strong person walks sure-footedly...a person of strength knows they are flawed and depends on God to catch them when they fall...
A strong person wears the look of confidence on their face...a person of strength wears a humble look as they know it's grace...
A strong person has faith that they are strong enough for the journey...a person of strength has faith that it is in the journey that they will become strong...
~Author Unknown~
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