My Gift From Heaven - A Valentine Story
Sharon and I dated seriously throughout high school. I went away to college as Sharon was finishing her senior year in high school. Our love, which was blooming, was only matched in size by our long-distance telephone bills.
The next year, Sharon joined me at the University of Texas. We were so happy. We thought we were at the top of the world. We thought our lives were set. That was true until that eventful evening when in a split second our lives changed forever.
On February 18, 1981, we were studying at the library of the University. It was late and Sharon told me that she had to return to her dormitory to go to sleep.
We slid into my car and headed toward her dorm, but, unfortunately, my gas gauge was registering "empty." I pulled into a nearby convenience store, borrowed $2 from Sharon and walked into the store to pay for the gas.
Life was about to change. Our love for each other and our trust in God was about to be put to the test. The store was in the midst of a robbery and one of the thieves forced me into the cooler. He followed me, pushed me to the floor, and calmly shot me in the back of the head -- execution style.
He thought I was dead; thus eliminating any witness to the crime. However, when the thieves left the store, I still had a faint pulse.
Sharon ran into the store as she heard the shot and saw the men run out of the store. She began to pray it wasn't me.
When she found me, she began screaming and she kept telling me, "Mike, don't you die on me! We have a life to live!" And she prayed and prayed and prayed.
Very few people believed I would remain alive much longer. The police transferred my case to the Homicide division. The neurosurgeon when he was awakened at his home to see me at the hospital came quickly, but returned home as he believed an operation would be futile. Sharon was throwing a fit. She had everyone in Emergency Room working on me.
When the doctor returned to the hospital in the morning, he was shocked to see that I was still alive. He told my parents that an operation was necessary, but he added that he would be surprised if I survived the surgery. Everyone was trying to calm Sharon. Nothing doing. She wanted me to have the Surgery and she wanted it now!
I survived the surgery just as Sharon said I would. However, the surgeon warned my parents that even though I was still breathing I would probably never be able to communicate with anyone or understand anyone who was attempting to communicate with me. Basically, the surgeon stated, I would be "a vegetable."
Hearing those words, my father told Sharon, "Get on with your life."
Sharon quickly replied, "Mike is my life."
Eighteen months after no one but Sharon thought I would survive, I returned to the University of Texas. The primary reason was Sharon. She refused to give up or give in.
Four years after returning to the University, Sharon and I both graduated. For me, that meant I could finally propose to Sharon, She was light at the end of my dark tunnel. God was her Light.
She was the one who would always encourage me to look forward and not to focus on the past.
So on a beautiful day in May, Sharon and I exchanged vows and were married. We were meant to be together. We had dated for nine long and eventful years, but I realized at the wedding that it was Sharon and her faith in God that made it happen.
Sharon is truly my soulmate.
We have been married for many years now and we have a beautiful daughter, Shawn.
This is not merely a "love letter" to my wife. Rather, it is the story of a young girl that willed her husband-to-be to live and her faith in God that made it happen. 
I give Sharon and her faith in God all the credit for my recovery--not me. I don't know where I would be without her--definitely not where I am today.
Sharon, I love you so very much.

Michael Segal
Michael Jordan Segal is now a social worker at Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston, an author and an inspirational speaker.
He has just released a CD of some of his most popular short stories, entitled POSSIBLE. To get a copy of the CD or to send Michael a message please go to: He is definitely someone you will want to learn more about.
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