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I heard a fuss over Ben Stein and Expelled  From The  Classroom- No Intelligence Allowed. A lot of rhetoric and Sophistry in retaliation... so I cordially pose the questions: Do you really want to know? Is an Exact Science really the goal?  If so, follow with me...
Science and Theories of Origin: Phase Three
Beyond The Classroom...

"Comprehension and The Science of Context"
A Science Paper for the New Frontier...
Abstract - It is said by very intelligent, very knowledgeable and well meaning Professionals in the Academic World, that they see no evidence of intelligent design in the natural world. The interpretive lens applied is that of naturalistic philosophy.
This paper will introduce the logic-oriented, technically focused lens used in technology to understand an integrated environment in operation and show the natural world to be a logic oriented, context driven and extremely high tech-next level-technology that requires applied intelligence to exist and more to the point for Academics, an interpretive lens of technical focus, to understand and comprehend. Analytic thinking, technical extraction and comprehension of integration are crucial if the natural world is ever to be understood, an Exact Science is ever to be built and the Unified Theory is ever to be a realistic goal.
We hear the phrase Belief Vs Science without ever defining the term or what the comparison means. We need to define the difference between observable/definable data and interpretation of that data through a narrative lens, in an attempt to give it meaning and purpose in a bigger picture. We choose and accept a narrative and then interpret the data through that narrative lens. The data no longer has significance except through the lens of that narrative.  We now have the vested interest of choice. We are anchored to the chosen narrative and not the data we are attempting to interpret. The interpretation of data replaces the observation as the anchored given.
The validation in all cases will be circular reasoning -choose the narrative to interpret the data as evidence for the narrative. The difference between belief and Science is feedback. We need a litmus test. Reliability of database is the only governing criteria. We need an opponent. Peer review on either side of the coin produces no opponents, because everyone is anchored to the same narrative. Never address the interpretation of data without first testing the narrative interpreting the data.
There is a fundamental flaw in the current definition of Science. Science is determined, by more than Systemized Study, Domain of Knowledge and Method. Much more important, it is a lens of focus.
Only questions addressed, produce answers. It is the questions asked, not the answers given, that determine the type of search and motive for the search. We now must address the purpose of the search. The questions asked, determine whether the lens of focus is Science or Philosophy/Worldview/Religion.
The narratives of Evolution and Creation address the questions of who did it, when it was done and why it was done. Both Narratives are focused on questions of Plot, making them both Philosophical/Religious in nature, addressing the questions of Worldview. Neither addresses the questions of technical focus of Composition and Integral/Operational Dynamics -What is it composed of? How is it put together? How does it work? That is the difference between attempting to validate a belief and the desire to build an Exact Science. "Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers..." -Voltaire.
The natural world is an integrated environment in operation. The integrated environment in operation is the reference. It is the given. It is the anchor. A unified theory or comprehensive understanding of an integrated environment in operation or the interdependencies that have to be satisfied to enable it, is not possible, if one does not understand integration. If one does not know how to integrate the whole and extract the interdependencies that enable it, very logic oriented integration will remain incomprehensible complexity. How does one say that, cordially? 
Because evolution theory is a philosophical narrative, instead of trying to comprehend how the given integrated environment in operation works, as the lens of technical focus of composition and integral dynamics-schmatical operation does, it attempts to build an alternative origins narrative -who did it, when and why, by attempting to start with the unknown, a long, long time ago. It attempts to create a narrative using random change, cause and effect  and time and chance in a linear sequential build. It attempts to use random sequence as a creator. In doing so, it creates confinement of a very small viewing Window, interpreting every observation as a fundamental, discrete and an event- not related to anything else, except as linear sequence of random change over time, so the interdependencies of the integrated environment in operation are hidden from view.
The integrated whole through the evolution lens, becomes entanglement and chaos theory, i.e. incomprehensible complexity and requires statements like "Evolution fined tuned this..." or "through random mutation..." to make the narrative work. Cordially speaking, this is a bit of hypocrisy as it is exactly what the evolutionist accuses the creationist of doing, "God did it", end of argument. These types of statements are useless to the analytic mind extracting technical composition and integral/operational dynamics. "How does it work?" Follow with me and I will show you.
In technology, the Engineer makes it possible for the diagnostic technician to understand his/her complexity by providing a schematic showing the interdependencies of the integrated environment that have to be satisfied for the integration to work. [Complexity=Integration.] If the schematic is missing, the diagnostic technician must create one [or order one] before an in-depth understanding of that integrated environment is possible. The integrated environment always begins as incomprehensible complexity at a glance.
All persons doing natural world research are diagnostic technicians. They are studying a given integrated known in operation and searching for the hidden unknowns that enable it. To be pure Science, it must be pure science logic. It must be analytic, not philosophic. The given known in operation is the reference at all times. Always work from the known to the unknown. Always open the largest Window possible of the given integrated whole in operation and start extracting the interdependencies that enable it. The lens of comprehension of an integrated environment in operation is always from the top down, never from the bottom up...
To understand a given integrated environment in operation, one must always integrate the whole, in order to extract the interdependencies that have to satisfied to enable the environment to its function[s] or purpose. Processes and relationships are not independent or linear dependent, they are interdependent. They are interdependencies of a much larger integrated environment in operation.
No bias receptors can be allowed to interfere with the application of logic in extracting the interdependencies that enable the given integrated whole in operation, if comprehension is the goal and the research is to have any real useable value. As one can see, a knowledge of integration is required. And if one is raising philosophical questions, technical comprehension is not the goal.
The known laws of Science cannot be ignored if the conceptual thesis is to add anything to building an Exact Science and be of any real value to mankind. True Knowledge Progression is only possible through the lens of technical focus, staying anchored to the given integrated known in operation, to insure reliability of the build.
The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics states the amount of random change introduced into an ordered [integrated] system is directly proportional to the amount of decay in that system. To understand this Law clearly, through the lens of Engineering, it is -in an integrated environment, change an interdependency, lose the function and through the lens of Information System Science, it is change the format, lose the context. Random cannot generate context driven format or interdependencies of integration. Dependencies of Integration are interdependent, not linear dependent. Random Integration is an oxymoron.
As we shall soon see through the lens of pure logic, all integration is context driven. Context is much more than information, instructions or dialogue. It is integration of thought to application or purpose; to make a function or process possible, that is not fundamental. If something is integrated, it is driven by context. If we don't understand the deeper science of context, cordially speaking, understanding any integrated whole in operation and thus building an Exact Science will never be an option.
If we have a paragraph of context before us, we can study it in many different ways. We can study consonants, vowels, or any combination of their relationships. We can study prepositions and learn function-closed class words. And there is a conjunction. We might even extract a state of being or verbal action. But we have no view of context. We are studying character base and mechanisms of format. We need to open the larger Window of the paragraph to extract the context. The context is embedded in the format. The context drives the format. The context integrates the format to meaning and purpose. It is always the context that integrates the whole of the paragraph to meaning or purpose. It is always the context that enables and empowers. Without a character base to build format and a format medium to insert context, the context is not possible. Without the context, it is impossible to integrate characterbase/format to function or purpose. We need a format before context is possible, but we enable and empower with context. Technology has opened the Window to a deeper understanding of applying or extracting the logic-context, required for integration of any kind to work.
In "Science and Technology" is a process known as Comparative Analysis. Comparative analysis may not only be used to compare like to like, but also to compare a known to an unknown to extract the previously unseen. "When we recognize the format, we can extract the context."
Information Technologies or Applications of Context Driven Dynamics, are only possible because of the building of the heretofore undefined domain of knowledge- the newly discovered discipline of Information Science or Information System Science. Information System Science is the Science of Context. It is an Exact Science that Information Technologies and more importantly, all integrations must conform to, in order to exist. This newly discovered logic oriented, religion neutral Domain of Knowledge and Interpretive Lens will allow us to understand context of integration at a much deeper level.
In computing, we see "Integration of thought in a static structure, creating a virtual environment."  But what we are reaching for in the next level technologies of Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Next Level Robotics is what we see in the natural world, Context Driven Dynamic Architecture Integrated to Automation.  In natural realm, both software and hardware are dynamic, not static. The substance of both software and hardware are biochemical and modular, creating a character base and mechanisms of format that make "Context Driven Dynamic Architecture Integrated to Automation" possible. The depth of context is several layers deeper than any of our current technologies.  We have entered the realm of next level technology -Cybernetics and as we shall soon see, "We donít know how much we donít know."
The context of context driven integration by database instruction, is much more than the database. In PCs, it is only because Intel and Microsoft engineering teams pre-integrated the hardware/software interdependencies, that the hardware empowers the software and the software enables the hardware, so that the integration appears as a seamless whole. Without the pre-integration, the Operating System would be useless and the enablement of the integrated whole, impossible. It all has to come online at the same time or it can't come online at all. We have entered the World of Integration where we satisfy interdependencies to fire thresholds and enable environments to function and purpose. Hardware and software are interdependent. Applied intelligence is required for it to exist and technical focus and comprehension are required to understand it. Only a logic oriented diagnostic lens that understands Context of Integration, can keep it from being Incomprehensible Complexity. A "cause and effect" interpretive lens cannot comprehend an integrated environment in operation and knows nothing of the term, Context Driven.
All bio-integrations are context driven by database instruction. The hardware/software interdependencies had to be pre-integrated in order for the hardware to empower the software and the software to enable the hardware, so that the integration appears as a seamless  whole. Without the pre-integration, the genetic database would be useless and the enablement of the integrated whole would be impossible. It all has to come online at the same time or it can't come online at all. This is a world of integration where we satisfy interdependencies to fire thresholds and enable environments to function and purpose. Hardware and software are interdependent with added features-the hardware is dynamic, the hardware and the software are biochemical and the integration is automated. -The context that enables it, is embedded in the interdependencies of the seamless integration of a much larger Window than any single entity of focus as it is dependent on interdependencies being satisfied of the entire integrated whole .  We have entered a world of integrated logic, three levels up. Applied intelligence is required for it to exist and more important to Academics, applied intelligence of technical focus is required to understand it. Only a logic oriented diagnostic lens that understands Context of Integration can keep it from being Incomprehensible Complexity. A "cause and effect" interpretive lens cannot comprehend an integrated environment in operation and knows nothing of the term, "Context Driven".
All integration is context driven. Integration of thought to application or purpose. A number of components or processes interrelated and interdependent in such a manner as to make a primary function[s] possible. A number of interdependencies that fire thresholds and enable environments to function[s] or purpose. There is no context in or understanding of, an isolated component or process outside the integrated whole in which it resides and as an interdependency thereof. The context is embedded in and drives the interdependencies required to enable the integrated whole to function or purpose.
Engineers used integration to drive the Industrial Revolution. Information System Specialists took integration to the next level- Context driven by database instruction. The software side was introduced and through Knowledge Progression, was seamlessly integrated with the hardware.  Information Technologies have made Information System Science or The Science of Context more comprehensible and the term Context Driven more explicit and dynamic. Virtual Reality has given us a glimpse of the possibilities and drives us deeper and deeper into the Realm of Abstract Logic. We now have a knowledge database and interpretive lens capable of understanding the next level of integration -Software Driven Dynamic Hardware.
Bio-integration: "Is a hormone- hardware or software? Neither. It is a next level technology that has no analogy in our Information/Integrated Control Systems as yet. It is Cybernetic biochemical control of a dynamic biochemical automated integrated environment, built as per instruction set. It is an interface requiring transcription-fold from software to control mechanism bionics, necessary for biochemical dynamic hardware control; an interdependency required for seamless integration of context driven biochemical software driving dynamic biomodular hardware.
The instruction set of a protein compound determines the shape of the protein, the shape determines its function and the function only has purpose in and is required by, particular interdependencies of the enablement and automation of integrated whole; such as a hormone's purpose is determined by the preintegration with the receptor sites. Software enables hardware, hardware empowers software and the Cybernetic Endocrine/Exocrine/Cellular biochemical interdependencies of ribosomal/genetic RNA to amino acid transcription-fold to shape determined, function specific proteins of mechanism control, make possible the interface that enables Software Driven Dynamic Hardware.
The genetic database does not code for protein. Without the context of the larger Window driving the ribosomal extraction and the transcription-fold, hormones and neurotransmitters [along with enzymes and antibodies] would not be possible and have no purpose. Their integrated build and functions had to be pre-integrated in the larger Window. We have just begun to extract the interdependencies that both enable the biosphere and allow it to exist at all.
With the knowledge made available from Information System Science, we can describe in detail how to embed context in geometric equation and how to embed that geometric equation in an instruction set of a knowledge database and make it extractable and useable in satisfying interdependencies of software driven dynamic hardware. The context of software driven dynamic hardware uses geometric equation to satisfy interdependencies of 3D dynamics.
-When Apple Computer saw a mouse being experimented with by Xerox inside of a Graphical User Interface, while everyone else was confined to the keyboard, they then knew it would work and told their Engineers to determine what interdependencies had to be satisfied to enable it; no one saw the knowledge explosion of context driven geometrics about to unfold-... Unfold means to unveil something that has been there all along. -
The context of the integrated whole of a bio-entity uses geometric equations for shape determined, function specific proteins to satisfy specific interdependencies of the integrated whole, making the automation possible. We are learning to understand it, because it is also geometric equation embedded in an instructional database that makes computer animation possible. "It's in the learning of the thing, that we understand its requirements."
-I heard a quote by a Microsoft Engineer, "Don't tell me it won't work. They got it working. Tell me what interdependencies have to be satisfied for us to make it work." What do you want to bet, that that same Engineer is not looking at the biosphere?-
When we learned to define the shadow of a teaspoon in geometric equation and embed that equation in a context driven format of a base two database to turn the pixels on and off, no one knew the Knowledge Explosion of Information System Science-The Science of Context, that lay before us and its resulting technologies and the end is nowhere in sight. We are learning to use context driven 3D dynamics to create 3D Virtual Realities. It is all done through context driven geometric equation -the Wonderworld of Infometrics -context driving equation. But we are reaching for the next level -Context Driven 3D Dynamic Hardware. To do that, we need a much bigger Window open. In the natural world, it is done through Context Driven Integrated Physics.
When the cell ribosomal complex extracts a linear sequence of three digit codes from the genetic database, it does so from digital addresses, using an index system heretofore unknown. That linear sequence of three digit codes must now be transcribed to a linear sequence of amino acids. How? How does a particular three digit DNA code extract a particular amino acid from the blood stream?
One must ask the right questions to get the right answers. The answer begins in Particle Physics in the Wonderworld of quarks and leptons. Each of those digits-A, G, C, or T is really a very complex molecule that has properties-some that may as yet undefined, that when combined with two others, create a physical attraction to a particular amino acid. 64 potential equations, at least 22 amino acids-we are just learning about spin, all driven by context-context driven equation.
-It is my feeling that all 64 combinations of AGCT are used and there is no redundancy-unless it is necessary redundancy, based upon observation of the modus operandi used throughout the integrated whole. Anyone paying the slightest attention would have to agree, regardless of who the Engineer is, the attention to detail is phenomenal and several layers deeper than we are currently capable of comprehending.-
Each of those three digit DNA codes has a set of Physical Properties that attracts a particular amino acid from the blood stream, as all matter is really phased and integrated,  propertied dynamic mass. Without this transcription, software driven dynamic hardware and thus integrated life would not be possible. We could continue with this, but lets move on.
That linear sequence of amino acids is still useless to the bio-integrated environment. It must now fold into a three dimensional shape. How? It is not magic and it is not random. It is the electromagnetic push-pull of the electrons of the elemental atoms of the biochemical compounds that determines the fold and thus determines the shape. Each amino acid may be written as a geometric expression. A number of expressions written as an equation. The equation determines the shape and the shape determines the function. The function of a hormone only has purpose in and is required by a particular interdependency of the integrated whole as determined by the receptor sites. The realm of Logic gives us a whole different view. Things start to make sense.
A hormone is different from an enzyme, antibody or neurotransmitter. The pituitary gland extracts its instructions for compounds from different addresses than the pancreas gland. The geometric expressions are embedded in the amino acids, which much be provided externally. The three digit codes representing the amino acids are embedded in the database. Through the lens of logic, we may easily extract the cross reference index and the context of the integrated whole that makes the extraction/transcription/fold possible. We know it works, we work.
There are digestive enzymes that if enabled in the wrong place or the wrong time, would dismantle us. So another enzyme is built specifically to enable that enzyme. There are cutting enzymes, sealing enzymes, regulating enzymes, construction enzymes and dismantling enzymes. Just a glimpse of the build of a protein compound, from the request for one, either from the Mitochondria, another organelle or a triggered external receptor site, to the ribosomal complex build of a RNA messenger template to go into the nucleus and extract three digit codes to be transcibed into an amino acid sequence that will fold into a 3d shape and be sealed with an enzyme and become the function specific protein that was requested, is breathtaking. There is no one sitting at a console and no one has a flashlight-it's dark in there; it is all done through context driven geometric equation. Just a glimpse at the context driving the equations, leaves one breathless. Interdependencies enable one another and never hinder, unless one is not satisfied, leaving the matrix out of balance.
Logic oriented diagnostics always works from the known to the unknown, from the large Window to the small Window -from the integrated whole in operation to the interdependencies that enable it. Interpreting through the lens of technical focus of composition and integral/operational dynamics, thinking like a Design Engineer using Information System Science to extract the context of the big Window -of the whole paragraph, we get a much deeper understanding of the integrated environment in operation and the interdependencies that have to be satisfied to enable it. Things start to make sense and a comprehensive view or "Unified Theory" begins to come into focus. Logic oriented diagnostics is required to comprehend any integrated environment in operation.
The first realization of this logic-oriented lens that integrates the whole, before it extracts the interdependencies, is that some processes aren't just interdependent; they are threshold enabled. They require a number of interdependencies to be satisfied or a plateau to be reached to  enable them. For example, Windows is a functioned threshold, not fundamental process or a single interdependency. Technology uses zener diodes to reach plateaus, to trigger and fire thresholds to satisfy a particular requirement or set of requirements. With that new realization, one may get a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of gravity. Gravity may very well be a threshold enabled field. A field that satisfies other interdependencies as well. That would explain why gravity is readily seen in classical physics, but nowhere to be found in particle physics.
Gravity might well be the attraction of quarks across mass in the geosphere firing a field with the accumulation of mass that recharges the quark energy packets of the more dynamic biosphere, thus satisfying the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics -entropy- the discharge of quarks, while creating the attraction of mass. Note: the theorized field is not Strong Force. It is a three phase field generated from the attraction of quarks across mass independent of and resonating from Integrated Strong Force -a field presence fired when enough mass has covalent bonded, creating field/phase alignment, depending on the density of the nucleuses. [A study of Buck/Boost Transformers-reversing field alignments, is a study of field/phase alignment. Polarization and field alignment are two different things.]
Understanding integration requires one to integrate the whole and extract the interdependencies. Then one begins to see the interdependencies and threshold enablements within the cohesion of the integration and doesn't have to devise whole new theories such as Relativity and displacement of Space/Time, to explain a field known as gravity as fundamental, if it is in fact, a threshold enabled, phased field generated by the attraction of quarks across mass and requiring the accumulation of mass to reach a plateau to fire the field.
The gravitational field doesn't appear to have fully fired in nanoparticles, enabling super magnets and super chips where the electrons are not bound in quark field alignment and the friction of gravitational attraction of mass is not a hindrance. [All organelles in a cell of a bio-entity appear to be nanoparticles. Water appears to be polarized nano composite.] Integrations satisfy interdependencies from within. Integrations are efficient. Interdependencies and thresholds may satisfy two or more functions. Which brings us to Thermodynamics.
Nikola Tesla theorized the earth had a resonant frequency or 7.83 hertz and if we could bombard it at a given point, with a high energy beam of a different frequency, we could create earthquakes. He had acquired an understanding that all matter is really resonating integrated dynamic mass. Cybernetics is applied Information System Science-The Science of Context, three levels up- applying embedded context to seamlessly integrate and enable to purpose, environments of propertied, resonating and phased, dynamic mass.
To understand the physics of thermodynamics, we must view all matter as dynamic mass and all chemistry as integrated physics. My view is, fire is a wave form and the plasma state of integrated resonating dynamic mass. I think thermodynamics is the resonate frequency state of integrated quark field dynamics of an integrated whole and ignition point is really a threshold reached by acceleration of frequency of quark field states of an integrated whole to the plasma state as the tightly bound quark fields become elongated and loosen their hold on electron cloud/orbit and decomposes the integration down to the level of stronger bond sub integrations that require a higher frequency threshold to be reached to enter the plasma state and decompose.
I believe the temperature/pressure and change of state relationships of all matter can be more easily understood, when matter is viewed as resonating dynamic mass composed of phased quark field states, accelerating and decelerating due to absorption of external radiated energy we call heat .
The above may or may not be true. But only a logic oriented diagnostic lens studying technical integral composition and operational dynamics, that integrates the whole, before it attempts to extract the interdependencies, will ever extract the true narrative of operation.
As I read more about particle physics, I believe a fundamental flaw in the study is in trying to interpret quarks outside the integrated whole in which they reside and as interdependencies thereof. We are trying to interpret them as discrete bits and understand Classical Physics real world observations from a discrete bit lens, without attempting to understand them as interdependencies of a much larger Window in operation.
Finding quarks was awesome and throwing an atom against the wall and watching the quarks run out of the protons and neutrons is fascinating, but that is not how they appear or behave as integrated dynamic structure..such as muscle, bone, an organelle or a "bad back"; or in the operational dynamics of real world relationships of integral energy flow exchange. They are interdependencies of a much larger Window and have properties, relationships, shapes and thresholds not viewable as discreet bits. One cannot extract mechanisms of format or context from that format, focused on character base.
For example, Academics is at a loss to explain why astronauts age more rapidly when they spend time in space. I believe one word can answer it: entropy- the discharge of quarks. Viewing through the lens of the integrated whole, we are context driven dynamic mass-context driven integrated physics. Without the dense gravitional field generated from density of the earth to recharge our more dynamic quark fields, interdependencies are not satisfied, thresholds are not fired as quickly and systems begin to shut down. The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics says quarks dissipate and decay without recharge.
I have no formal background in Physics, Chemistry or Biology. Therefore my knowledge database of character base and mechanisms of format are extremely limited. My background is diagnosing by schematical concept, integrated environments in operation. The purpose of the paper is to share with very intelligent Academic Professionals, that logic oriented diagnostics, studying technical, operational requirements of integrated environment in operation, is what builds comprehension- an Exact Science. Unencumbered by philosophical narrative or agenda, working from the known to the unknown, opening the largest Window possible and extracting the interdependencies that enable it, an Exact Science is possible and the "Unified Theory" or comprehensive understanding of the integrated whole, becomes a realistic goal.
If the above does nothing more than to get some very intelligent and very knowledgeable [and mostly, very cordial] Academic Professionals thinking logically and analytically about what interdependencies have to be satisfied for a given integrated known in operation to work, this paper will have served its purpose. Writing a paper about a tadpole, one million years B.C., fills libraries full of storybook narrative, but offers no useable value to mankind and leaves the interdependencies of the integrated environment in operation more incomprehensible than ever.
The type of query is always determined by the type of questions asked, not answers given. All narratives addressing origins, are philosophical in nature, driven by Worldview and by definition, religious-"To reverently defend a who..." 
However, both narratives of the natural world's technical- integral composition and operational dynamics, Intelligent Design and Random Generation Through Linear Sequence of Random Change Over Time are also driven by Worldview. They are driven by the chosen philosophical narrative. If I believe the natural world was logically created, I think like a Design Engineer. If I believe it was created by random sequence, I write papers on Chaos Theory, String Theory or Entanglement.
All narratives involve a circular reasoning process. We choose or construct a narrative to interpret the data as evidence for the narrative. Regardless of which side we choose, attempting to defend it, we are implicitly saying, "I want it to work". The initial rejection of the opposing thesis is implicitly saying, "I don't want it to work". Everyone chooses the narrative first and then attempts to interpret the data.
Educational Institutions have 3 Schools that address this circular reasoning everyday- The School of Engineering, The School of Information Technology and The School of Law.
The number one priority of a Research Institute, even more than research, is to attempt to make an application fail. Reliability must be the number one criteria of that Institute or nothing else coming from that Institute matters. Testing is their utmost criteria.
The School of Information Technology, as abstract as Information System Science is, it very analytical and maintains a bottom line, "The Conceptual Thesis when applied, must work."
And The School of Law uses cross-examination as feedback to test the narratives' interdependencies for validity...
Truth is " The actual [or true] narrative of a field of focus." 
A fact is an acceptance of a perception of a sensory input or data interpreted by a narrative, creating true facts, faux facts and useful facts [it is cold outside, so wear a coat].  
The narrative gives the facts meaning and the facts give the narrative substance. But all narratives begin begin as circular reasoning -we choose a narrative to interpret the data as evidence for the narrative, so the actual or true narrative may only be validated by an attempt to make it fail, such as cross-examination by an opponent.
If the narrative can be proven false, it cannot be proven true.  
Truth [personified] not only requires an opponent, it seeks one. Truth shines brighter under cross-examination and all other narratives collapse as the haze fades and their interdependencies lose their circular reasoning props.
The Philosophy of Science and the Science of Philosophy are intrinsically related. They are both lenses of Abstract Logic. But they are not synonymous. Philosophy tends to be right brain narrative oriented. Science is left brain analytics.The second will keep the first in check. The first without the feedback of the second will make the second impossible.
If one does not understand the deeper schematical concepts of Intelligent Design, [Context Driven]- Integral Dynamics of an Integrated Environment -preintegration to empower enablement i.e. satisfying interdependencies to enable function, requirements of dynamic automation, etc., cordially speaking, an Exact Science or comprehensive understanding any integrated environment in operation is not possible. We need to redefine our terms through the lens of Logic. "Natural" means customarily accepted or expected. "Deterministic" means by design or as per instruction. It is natural for a bee to sting if provoked. It is also natural for Windows to load, when we turn on a PC. Both are customarily accepted or expected, because both are as per instruction. Both have a set of hardware/software interdependencies that have to be satisfied to trigger threshold. Deterministic makes Natural possible. 
Life is choices. Cordially speaking, if one chooses Social Correctness, analytic skills are not necessary. The easiest paper in the world to write is a philosophical narrative furthering the socially correct theme of the evolution narrative. That's because it doesn't have to work, just appear to work within the narrative. I read a paper by two male professors that said evolution fine tuned the male species to rape the female species for survival of the fittest. And another paper that was trying to make analogies of sex organ size with promiscuity. That is not Science. That is Sophistry. And as intelligent, knowledgeable and probably cordial as these men are, if all they ever seek to further is the "yellow brick road" narrative, their careers and their lives will be wasted.
If one interprets through a philosophic narrative lens, integral composition and operational dynamics cannot be seen. All life is built from templates. If one gets a tattoo, not to worry, their child won't be born with a tattoo. The Whole Life template for their child was built and sent to the nursery [yolksac] before their umbilical cord was, while they were still being formed; during morphogensis, the construction phase in their mothers' womb, even before they moved into the house and all systems went online at the same time. [No one lives in the liver, waiting for the kidneys to be formed.] We are the known. We are the given. Through the lens of Technical Composition and Integral/Operational Dynamics, an Exact Science is possible... right now.
Darwin's birds' beaks did not evolve. They were built from protein compounds that were built from instruction sets from the genetic database that originated at birth. Their baby's beak was built from an instruction set of a database of a completely different Whole Life Template than that of its parents.  All hardware/software interdependencies had to be in place and satisfied before the database was useable or the integrated growth process possible. As is always pointed out, genetic alteration is possible such as introducing a Whole Life Template to radiation. But it always results in deformity, if the alteration does not involve a vital function which results in death. The result is deformity because an interdependency of the hardware/software interdependencies of the integrated whole has not been satisfied; lose an interdependency, lose the function, -change the format/lose the context. The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics is Universal and is easily understood through a logic oriented diagnostic lens. But more important to Academic Science, focusing in the little Window, trying to make random change work, makes understanding integration, regardless of its complexity, impossible.
Darwin was not a Scientist. He knew nothing of logic oriented technical composition and integral/operational dynamics. He knew nothing of genetics, molecular biology, the integrated dynamics of physiology, the modular composition of biochemistry or integrated life. His entire treatise was a philosophical yellow brick road, very similar to the Wiccan thesis, at a time when the bio cell looked like a randomly changing little blob under a light optical microscope. Huxley was quoted as saying, "The cell is going to be proven to be a randomly changing little blob." Regardless of Darwin's reason for the atheistic driven philosophic lens, he can at least be forgiven for being ignorant. We can't. With the in-depth knowledge available today, if we are ignorant, it is willingly ignorant.
We have redefined language as context driven format of a character base and highlighted a language's only purpose is to make possible, context- integration of thought, to drive communication; and then expounded that lens to The Science of Context -integration of thought to enable and empower, whether that empowerment is embedded in the integration of communication, the integration of database, the integration of mathematical equation or integration of real world dynamic interdependencies to enable an environment to function, purpose or automation- either natural -pre-existing, or man made.
We have described in detail, the interdependencies of integration. We took the next step and highlighted hardware/software integration. We touched on the transcription/fold and the interfacing necessary to make software driven dynamic hardware automation possible. The following simple empowerment of integration will highlight the necessity of an analytical interpretive lens:
A light switch is not linear sequential to the circuit breaker or the light. It is related to neither. It is an interdependency of an integrated controlled lighting environment and gives the appearance of linear sequence only after the integrated environment is in place. The light switch has no purpose until the light is in place in the environment. In Engineering, it is done by schematical concept -integrating the whole to purpose and determining the interdependencies that have to be satisfied to enable it. There is no intelligence in the switch or the light or the breaker. The intelligence is embedded in the interdependencies that enable the integrated lighting environment from the minds of the architects or engineers that applied integration of thought to application or purpose.
If we attempted to understand the light switch outside of the integrated environment in which it resides and hadn't seen it as an interdependency of a much larger Window, we could make it a puddle boat and write a tangent narrative about its perceived purpose. The philosophical rendition would not only be useless to understanding the technical composition and integral dynamics of the context driven integration, it would side track it. Expound that lens. Logic oriented analytics is crucial, if we ever want to build an Exact Science.
We are now in the midst of an unveiling, through the lens of discovery, an awesome Science that pulls it all together. The Science of Logos >The Science of Context >Comprehension through the Lens of the Integrated Whole. Expodential acceleration of comprehension of The Context Driven Integral Dynamic Matrix is being driven by exploration of Virtual Reality. Someone from that world is going to look over at the natural one with a whole different lens of focus. They want to build it.
Engineers had to develop their own character bases and mechanisms of format, in order to use context to enable an environment to function or purpose-hydraulics, pneumatics, electronics, etc. Information System Specialists went deeper into the realm of abstract logic with the likes of Javascript and Perl. There are languages operating within languages both in Engineering and in Information Technologies. How do we know how many languages are operating in the natural realm since no one is looking for the first? Cordially speaking, technical extraction needs to replace philosophical meandering, if we ever want to build an Exact Science in the Natural Science Schools. Engineering and Technology are already racing down the knowledge highway...
-At the risk of losing my audience, I would like to inject an example of the enigma of where thinking "creation" causes one to think logically, instead of philosophically. I believe I can prove, Cancer is not random or mutant; but logical, comprehensible, preventable and defeatable without Chemo, radiation or the scapel. But for that to happen, we must think logically about interdependencies instead of philosophically thinking random change. [Then maybe we would stop treating cancer and sickness as Wall Street commodities?]-
To close this composition of thesis, a final point should be noted. It is offered cordially:
A lot of people use the words "evolution" and "evolved" in sentence composition to create scenarios that say subliminally, "I have self worth." They have heard someone they respect and admire, use the terms in similar composition. Thus the words get validated by repetition. What one does not realize is critical thinking skills are being traded for social correctness. The automobile and the computer did not evolve, they progressed. The Pentium IV is not an add-on to the 486 motherboard and multivalve technology is not an add-on to the Model T. They are applications of knowledge gained, each being an integrated whole.
I work for an Academic Institution. For me, it is the best working environment on the planet. I like all of our Professors. And there are some special ones. All Professors are very intelligent, very knowledgeable and their credentials are well deserved. [And most are very cordial.] It is not intelligence, knowledge or credentials that is being addressed. It is the interpretive lens applied.
Academic Institutions don't teach the theory of evolution because all Academic Professionals believe it is true. The theory would be openly challenged if it were not for the two externally applied mechanisms called Accreditation and Tenure. Professors are put in a very precarious position. It took a lot of sacrifice to get where they are and it is a lot to give up. [And they are extremely intelligent and can be quite ingenious when forced to be.]
In my course of travel, I get to view the way different Schools interpret. I ask the question "Why are all the movers and shakers coming from the Engineering and Information Technology Schools?" The intelligence quotients run right off the charts in the Physics, Chemistry and Biology Schools. It's because the Natural Science Schools don't have opportunity or the privilege of acquiring an interpretive lens that is fundamental to the Technology Schools- the lens of the integrated whole.
I am a student of The True Narrative. Why? Academically, I want to extract something no one else thought to look for and Philosophically, when this bullet train called life stops at my stop, I have to get off all by myself.
I read a statement by a Webhost, that said: "If you see something wrong with my Website, please tell me. I may sulk for a while, but eventually I will be grateful." I feel that way. I hope you do, too.
I have heard it said, "A friend can step on your toes without scuffing your shoes." That is what I am reaching for. I know I am not there yet, but I read and reread and rewrite...to address a friend and discuss an issue. If you are a professor, you will never be able to challenge the powers that be, on the evolution narrative; but you can do a little self study.
It wouldn't take much for an intelligent Professor to produce Newton like results in an environment lost in a philosophic haze...
I came across a study by Dr. Caroline Leaf on "Toxic Thoughts, Brain Mapping and NeuroChemical Toxicity." In the search, I came across other studies on "Electrochemical Molecular Bio Sensors and Neuro Triggers." These studies are going past Integrated Physiology and extracting context from quantum physics.
What these studies have in common is pure diagnostics. These researchers are thinking like diagnostic technicians studying Context Driven Integrated Physics - Intelligent Design, with pure analytics without agenda. "Applications Oriented Science."
This is the meaning of the term, "Exact Science."
My best to all,
Have a great day!
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