Recreate The Life You Want...Everyday!

What if at the stroke of midnight, everything that happened yesterday disappeared and you had to begin again?  Oh, the basic framework of your life remained intact, but all that you had accomplished  was gone.  What if that happened everyday?  Everyday you had to prove yourself again as a leader, a friend, a father, a spouse and a human being.
Can you imagine having to start over everyday?  I don’t mean getting up and heading out to the same old grind.  But starting out fresh and new.  I believe that every day is a clean slate and an opportunity to begin again.  And as one person in a Texas audience reminded me: 
Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery; Today is a gift-It really is "The Present."
For me, I've developed this "deal with what you know now" attitude.  So I struggle with not reflecting on my past and beating myself up over stupid mistakes and words regretted.  I deal with today.
Recently I caught the last few minutes of an interview with an author who faces a very unique challenge.  Her name is Jill Robinson, author of the book, "Past Forgetting."
I have not read it.  But from what I understand she has amnesia.  Upon coming out of a coma, she had no recollection of who she was and who the handsome man holding her hand was.  She needed
to start over from the very beginning and learn to fall in love again; learn to live her life again.
She was in fact an author of other successful books and published stories.  So taking on those roles was like being a "stand in" for a Broadway actor. 
But in my own unique way of looking at life, I discovered an even more exciting aspect of her story.  Her husband's role in all of this.  She briefly mentioned that to this very day, when she wakes up, she begins her day without complete memory.  Daily she must begin the task to step into her life as everyone around her knows it.  My interest was in the challenge for her husband.
Think about it.  Everyday he has to recreate his part in her life.  He has to reclaim his role.  He has to help her to fall in love with him again. 
Sparks go off in my mind.  I see a glorious display of fireworks as I write this.  Imagine if we all took the attitude that "today I need to prove myself again."
How many times have you spoken to someone and they said "I feel unappreciated.  They take me for granted!"  This occurs in our personal and business life.   In fact, how many marriages would have survived if the rule was that everyday in some way you needed to reclaim your love.  The most often response to the above "unappreciated" statement is..."I thought everything was OK. I didn’t know there was a problem."
Let's think about how exciting a typical day would be in the life of a person who started each day with the attitude of proving themselves.
1. You'd wake up and be thankful for another chance.

2. You would reaffirm your love to your mate and your family by asking them "Have I told you today how much I love you?"

3. You would head into work with the challenge to live up to the standards you set yesterday and surpass them by making at least one positive step forward.  Your attitude of appreciation for the job would be reflected in everything you did that day.

4.  You would take on new opportunities as challenges to move ahead,  rather than turn them down because they were not a part of your job description.

5.  You would be kinder and more compassionate toward others because of the need to re-establish the public image you want.  This includes reaffirming friendships.

6.  You would end each day by reviewing your accomplishments and setting goals for tomorrow. This practice sets the foundation to begin again the next day.

7.  Upon your return home you would take time to talk with your family about their day and take a real interest in what they had accomplished.

8.  During your personal time you would share your life with those in need, perhaps serving on a committee or as a member of a civic club or non-profit. I call this "giving yourself away."

9.  Sometime before this day ended you would listen to or read the thoughts of other successful men and women so that you were constantly improving your attitude and your life.

10.  Finally before you rested, you would once again affirm your love to those around you and be thankful for the opportunity.
The challenge to recreate yourself each day  must include: Faith, Family, Occupation, and Community.
Jill Robinson's husband is challenged to reclaim her love.  Jill is challenged to reclaim her life.  Why shouldn't we be called to do the same?
In my class on Leadership I define the role of a leader as: “To influence people and to accomplish things through others.”  People skills has been and will be the most important skill of a successful leader.  This includes your ability to listen to others as well as express your own thoughts. 
Your challenge in the new millennium is to first establish a basis, a standard by which you begin each day. That is accomplished by recreating or living up to those standards in all aspects or your work.  Those standards should include a mindset for quality, creating a team environment, solving problems effectively, goal setting and coaching and counseling skills.
In this even faster paced lifestyle we have created, balancing work, family and personal needs is even more important.  Ask yourself these questions:
At home,
Does your family complain that you don’t spend enough time with them?
Do you expect your family to adapt to your career needs?
At work,
Do you feel frustrated because your income isn’t enough?
Do you feel guilty about the time you spend on your career?
Do you feel there’s never enough time for yourself?
Do you feel you never get to do what you like to do?
Begin anew today.  Take a few minutes right now to set goals and standards to live up to everyday of your life.  Include plans for your personal and professional development.  Use these standards as a basis to recreate your life each day. 
Begin with an “attitude of gratitude” and grow from there.  Look back at yesterday’s mistakes only as lessons learned.  Your biggest challenge is not in proving yourself to others. It is in believing that God has written into the equation, you will be enabled and empowered to do that thing which we pursue. It is the dynamo effect. So lets get to it! :-))
"Recreate The Life You Want...Everyday!."
"I believe in you!"
Bob Perks
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Have a great day!
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Recreate Your Life...Everyday!

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