Kill The Cow...
A Teacher of wisdom took a walk in the forest with his faithful disciple, when he saw the distant spot, a site of poor appearance and decided to make a brief visit to the place. During the long walk, he commented to the apprentice on the importance of the visits and to make the most of opportunities in the learning available from these observations.
Arriving at the place, the Teacher saw the poverty of the site, the inhabitants, and three children, the wood house, everyone dressed with dirty and torn clothes and without footwear. Then one came near the Teacher, apparently the family father and the Teacher asked to him, "In this place, do not exist either possibilities of work nor points of commerce, how make you and your family survive here? The gentleman responded, "My Friend, we have a cow that gives us several liters of milk every day. A part of the product we sell it or we changed it by other nutritional sorts in the neighboring city and with the other part we produce cheese, curd, etc., for our consumption and thus it is as we are surviving. The Teacher thanked the gentleman for the information. He contemplated the place for a moment and took his leave.
In middle of the way, the Teacher turned around towards his faithful disciple and he ordered him to look for the cow, take it to the ravine on the opposite side and push it in the ravine. The frightened young disciple saw the Teacher was serious and he questioned him on the fact that the cow was the only means of subsistence of that family, but he perceived the absolute silence of the Teacher and  went to carry out the order. So he pushed the cow in the ravine and he saw it die. That scene was recorded in the memory of that young disciple, forever.
One day, years later, the young apprentice decided to leave everything that he was learning and return to that place and to tell everything to the family, to request pardon and to help them.
Thus he did it, and as he came near to the place, he saw everything very sharp, everything inhabited, with car in the garage of a tremendous house and some children playing in the garden. The young disciple felt sad and desperate, imagining that that humble family had to sell the land to survive. He sped up and arriving there, he was received by a very likeable gentleman. The young disciple ask for the family that lived there some years ago. The gentleman responded that it was they who continued living there.
Bewildered, the young disciple entered the house and he confirmed that it was the same family, the Master had visited some years ago. He praised the place and asked the gentleman (the owner of the cow), "How did you change and improve your lot in life?" The excited gentleman responded, "We had a cow that fell in the ravine and died. It was our only means. We knew we had to do something, so we began looking at what other abilities we might have. To our surprise, we had far greater abilities than just depending on subsistence of that cow. We developed them and the result is all that you behold. Had the cow not have died, we would still be dependent upon it for marginal existence."
Our cow provides some basic things for our survival which is a coexistence with the routine...  Most of us have adopted a cow and cling to it for marginal existence.
Discover which is your cow and takes advantage of the new millenium by pushing it in the ravine.
Kill The Cow.
A Parable from The Netherlands

Now is no time to think of what we don't not have. We should think of what we can do with what we do have.
The difference between stumbling blocks and stepping stones ... is how we use them!
It does not matter how slowly we go, so long as we do not stop.

In the middle of difficulty lies Opportunity.
Albert Einstein
You can have anything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want!
Zig Ziglar
I can't remember where I got the Images...
Just some 'points to ponder'... :-))
Have a great day!
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