Science and Theories of Origin: Phase Two

Thinking Outside The Box:

Comprehension and The Science of Context




Abstract - It is said by very intelligent, very knowledgeable and well meaning Professionals in the Academic World, that they see no evidence of intelligent design in the natural world. This paper will introduce the logic-oriented lens used in technology to integrate the whole and show the natural world to be extremely high tech-next level-technology that requires applied intelligence to exist and more importantly for Academic Science, the extremely high tech architecture of the natural world requires applied intelligence to comprehend.


In Particle Physics is a term known as the Uncertainty Principle. [It applies to trying extract discrete data values of momentum and position at the same time from particles in motion.] What is not readily seen is that there is an uncertainty principle attached to every interpretive lens used in life and particularly in Science. This uncertainty principle states: "When attempting to understand and interpret a sensory input outside the integrated whole in which it resides, the understanding and interpretation will be incomplete and may easily be distorted to a tangent narrative that does not exist. That point of data or process can only be fully understood within the integrated whole in which it resides and as an interdependency thereof." 


Comprehension of data can only be achieved when studied from the top down; comprehension is not possible, when the viewing lens is attempted from the bottom up.


In Science and Technology is a process known as comparative analysis. Comparative analysis may not only be used to compare like to like, but also to compare a known to an unknown to extract the previously unseen.


In computing, we see "Integration of thought in a static structure, creating a virtual environment."  But what we are reaching for is what we see in the natural world: "Context Driven Dynamic Architecture Integrated to Automation."  In this realm, the substance of hardware and software are readily exchanged and everything is driven by context. We have entered the realm of next level technology and as we shall soon see, "we donít know how much we donít know."


The context of context driven integration by database instruction, is much more than the database. In PCs, it is only because Intel and Microsoft engineering teams pre-integrated the hardware/software integration so that the hardware empowers the software and the software enables the hardware, so that the integration appears as a seamless whole. Without the pre-integration, the Operating System would be useless and the enablement of the integrated whole, impossible. The context driving the integration is applied in the big Window-from the lens of the integrated whole, making the little window- the processes, possible. Applied Intelligence is required to enable or comprehend.


All bio-integrations are context driven. The context is much, much more than the database. The hardware/software interdependencies had to be pre-integrated in order for the hardware to empower the software and the software to enable the hardware; the interdependencies only have purpose in and are required by the integrated whole. Without the pre-integration, the genetic database would be useless. Applied Intelligence is required to enable or comprehend. Genetic encryption, extraction, transcription and fold are only a very small part of the interdependencies required to enable [or comprehend] the integrated whole. Comprehension is possible only from the top down, because we are dealing with context.


All integration is context driven. Integration of thought to application or purpose. A number of components or processes interrelated and interdependent in such a manner as to make a primary function[s] possible. The context is embedded in the interdependencies required to enable the purpose of the integrated whole.


Engineers used integration to drive the industrial revolution. Information Specialists took integration to the next level- Context driven by database instruction. The software side was new, but still separate from the hardware.


We now have a knowledge database and interpretive lens capable of understanding the next level. Bio-integration: "Is a hormone- hardware or software? Neither. It is biochemical interface control as per instruction set. An interdependency required for seamless fluid animation of software driven dynamic hardware. The instruction set is not in the database. Transcription determines the fold, the fold determines the shape and the shape determines the function-a function that only has purpose within and is required by, the interdependencies of the integrated whole.


Particle Physicists speak of Entanglement. The Academic Side of Education needs to sit at table with a Design Engineer and an Information Specialist and do some brain storming. What they are attempting to view through a very small Window, from the bottom up, are the required interdependencies of integrated dynamic architecture to application or purpose.


Without the lens of the Design Engineer and Information Science, The "Unified Theory" is not possible; as the "Unified Theory" is really the context of the integrated whole- the interdependencies required to enable the integrated whole and its threshold enabled processes. 


 It's always the context that enables and empowers. When Albert Einstein said "I seek only to think God's Thoughts..."  He was a Physicist. He didn't have Information Science and high technology to reference to. To paraphrase: "I seek only to interpret through the lens of a design engineer and extract the interdependencies required to enable the integrated whole. Storybook narratives are useless to the analytic mind."


A storybook narrative about origins is religion, period. To say evolution is not biblical creation and therefore not religion, is intellectual dishonesty. It is the questions asked, not the answers given, that determine the type of search.
"Evolution did this and Evolution did that" personifies "A Guiding Hand without a Governing Intelligence" , no different than Wicca-Mother Earth or any of the other religions that personify "A Guiding Hand without a Governing Intelligence."  Saying "evolution did this, end of argument..."  is no different than saying "God did it, end of argument..." 
The evolution narrative serves no useful purpose to Analytics and building an Exact Science. The evolution narrative is only useful to Political/Social Agendas masquerading Academic Truth and is the price of admission to academia.

Logic has no bias receptors and no religious or philosophical orientation. Logic [personified] seeks only reliable understanding of the integrated environment of the field of focus and the interdependencies there of. Logic applies a litmus test to every interpretive lens. Reliability of Data is the only governing principle.


Science means to know, but to expound, it means "to comprehend..." "to extract reliable data and understanding from a field of focus." Applying any philosophical prerequisite to the lens of Science prevents an Exact Science from being built.


Evolution Theory and Creation Theory are both philosophical/religious narratives about the natural world. All narratives involve a circular reasoning process. We choose or construct a narrative to interpret the data as evidence for the narrative. Educational Institutions have 3 Schools that address this circular reasoning everyday- The School of Engineering, The School of Mathematics and The School of Law.
The number one priority of a Research Institute, even more than research, is to attempt to make an application fail. Reliability must be the number one criteria of that Institute or nothing else coming from that Institute matters.
The School of Mathematics uses reverse equations as feedback. If a proposed theorem can be proven false, it cannot be proven true. A declared axiom is a sophistry when it can be proven false.  [The Theory of Evolution can easily be proven false through an analytic interpretive lens.]
And The School of Law uses cross-examination as feedback to test the narratives' interdependencies for validity. Truth is: " the actual [or true] narrative of a field of focus."  Truth gives facts meaning and facts give Truth substance. But Truth is a narrative and since all narratives involve circular reasoning-we choose a narrative to interpret the data as evidence for the narrative-the actual or true narrative can only be validated by an attempt to make it fail, such as cross-examination by an opponent. Truth [personified] not only requires an opponent, it seeks one. Truth shines brighter under cross-examination and all other narratives collapse as their interdependencies lose their circular reasoning props.
I work for an Academic Institution. For me, it is the best working environment on the planet. I like all of our Professors. And there are some special ones. All Professors are very intelligent, very knowledgeable and their credentials are well deserved. [And most are very cordial.] It is not intelligence, knowledge or credentials that is being addressed. It is the interpretive lens applied.
Academic Institutions don't teach the theory of evolution because all Academic Professionals believe it is true. The theory would be openly challenged if it were not for the two externally applied mechanisms called Accreditation and Tenure. Professors are put in a very precarious position. It took a lot of sacrifice to get where they are and it is a lot to give up. [And they are extremely intelligent and can be quite ingenious when forced to be.]

I am a student of The True Narrative. The reason? Academically, I want to extract something no one else thought to look for and philosophically, when this bullet train called life stops at my stop, I have to get off all by myself.


Have a great day!


Mark Kroger


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