Reflections in a Blog
Two people have left my place of employment recently. Neither were very well liked. In six months, both will be distant memories.
The irony of  these departures is both were diametrically opposite, yet both generated extreme dislike in some circles.
One was very intelligent, but lacking in knowledge of the field, so he created a facade, a front, a pretense of knowing. In order to maintain that pretense, he meddled in everyone else's affairs, highlighting their flaws, either perceived or real.
The other was also very intelligent. This one was friendly, outgoing and wanted to learn everything. His flaw was his people skills. He wanted to make friends so bad, he would get nervous and say and sometimes do stupid stuff.
Neither of the two will have pleasant memories of their former workplace and a lot of people at their former workplace won't have pleasant memories of either of them.
They both have families and both will move on with their lives. What is the difference? The difference is in the seeds they planted. Both the ones they take with them and the ones they leave behind. The difference is in what they each learned from the gardens they grew.
Life is change. Not change for the sake of change, but change that comes from growing; learning from successes and mistakes; what went right and what went wrong.
They both have an excellent chance of extreme success, if they apply what they learned as they move on.
I pray blessing on the first as he starts over. I will miss the second, he was my best friend.
Have a great day...
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