Keep Your Eye On The Ball

He's focused. I mean really focused. His eye is on the ball and nothing will distract him.


My dog, Ricky is a master motivator for me. He loves playing ball. You can throw it a hundred times and a hundred times he'll go get it.


Every evening before we go to bed Ricky will run up the stairs ahead, turn around and place the ball on the top step.


"Push it!" I shout and with his right foot, Ricky pushes the ball down the steps. I catch it and throw it back up to him. Nine times out of ten he'll catch it. Nine times out of ten I'll miss it. He then repeats the whole thing usually until I am too tired to continue. I will then toss it high enough to get it past him.


He will do the same thing if you are just sitting in a chair. Ricky will get just far enough away so that you can't reach for the ball. He picks it up, places it in front of him and pushes it to you.


But here's what motivates me. He never stops looking at the ball. I can call his name, make noises, try desperately to distract him and he will not take his eyes off the ball.


I zig-zag my foot pretending to kick it one direction and then follow up by kicking it another. I rarely get it past him.


If he misses it, he barks as he chases after it. Like he is upset with himself for taking his eye off the ball.


His whole purpose, all that he wants, all that he enjoys is in that ball, so nothing will cause him to be distracted. He inspires me. His dedication, his focus, his determination and will, to stay on track, screams volumes to me.


"Why can't I be that focused?" I ask myself. "Why can't I be that determined?" I follow.


Oh, you might be quick to point out that being too focused is not good. One needs distraction to ease the mind.


He's a dog. He sleeps, eats and plays. I'm a human. I sleep, eat and work. Oh, yes, I eat more than he does. I play, but a lot less than he does and not for long periods of time any more. I'm getting to be an old dog.


Still, Ricky does have his times when I roll a ball across the floor in front of him and he watches it pass by. He doesn't move a muscle. That old pup is too pooped sometimes, too. But he chooses to be.


But what inspires me is his focus. He always has his goal in focus. He is persistent. He is determined. Nothing detours him from his purpose. "He keeps his eye on the ball..."


Bob Perks


Bob Perks is a speaker and author. Make the time to contact Bob and take a look at his website by going to: 


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