My Angel
Do you like meta-physics? I would like to take you on a journey with a view from another realm...
I discovered the enhancement of the senses through alcohol and party central at 18. I lived for party central and the hightened senses that it provided. I lived for the music, the dance and the sex. Everything else in life was a timeout to earn more money to recreate that environment.
My mom became a christian when I was five. All of my sisters became christians at an early age. It would not be so for me. It would take me until I was 42 to yell uncle and receive Christ.
I knew about Christ and ethereal realm things, but I couldn't let go of my alter ego. I have a voice impediment and most of my life I have felt mediocre and haphazard; but the music, dance, hightened senses and the closeness of the female aura brought me to life. My voice came back. I was a different person. I just couldn't let go.
I believe if someone is praying for a person, an angel is assigned to that person to bring them to a point of decision; if they make the wrong decision, the angel starts the cycle all over again [actually it is written in the formula of the fabric of the matrix...]. They are that angel's charge. He goes where they go. He never leaves.
I spent a good portion of my time in a hells bells dim lit, smoke filled cavernous atmosphere of flickering lights and sensual music- a mini demon pit. Demons and angels don't get along. They are different. They think different. They relate different.
Angels are horizontal. They think horizontal.  They relate horizontal. "What can I do to help you?" Demons are vertical. They think vertical. They relate vertical. They live for the pompt of the moment and the strut. "It's all about me and I am better than you."
When an angel walks into a hells bells cavernous atmosphere of flickering lights and hypnotic music with the ethereal odor of sulfur, he is in demon turf. They don't like him being there and he doen't like being there. They tell him to "Stand over there." They can't make him leave and they know how far to push him or his charge. The last thing a demon wants is his turf being overwhelmed with angels.
Demons live for moment. They live for the strut and the tall tale. They try to outdo each other. They tell each other stories of "When I did this..." or "you won't believe what happened when..." The angel is as old as they are and has been present in many of those events. He knows that only about half of that is true and the ending is nothing like the way they are telling it. He has to listen to that foolishness all night.
Demons don't like each other. The only time they get along is when they are teaming up to do mischief. They spend half the night telling each other, tale tales and the other half squabbling. They constantly backbite each other. If they weren't so dangerous, it would be comical. Their only purpose in life is to create mischief through a vertical riser of vanity and lust; there is more but that will have to be for another story.
If someone in there has an angel assigned to them, the demons are leary about how far to go with them. There are easier "pickins". But often times, they test the waters.
When an angel leaves an atmosphere like that, he is drained. He has be on guard all night both for himself and his charge. It must be pretty depressing to know he has to go through the same thing over and over again.
On Sunday afternoons, my family would meet at mom's house. My sisters had been to church. I was recovering from "a night out."
Angels that have been in the presence of God, glow from the radiant glory of God [like Moses did...]; angels that have been in bars, smell like demon puke-sulfurous-rotten eggs. Their glow has long since been gone.
My angel would look at their angels who were glowing and ask "Wanta trade?" and they would answer, "No."
On February 8, 1992, on the way home from a night out, I got a DUI. The Second in Five Years. I said, "I have had enough. Lord, would you come in and take over?"
Driving to work the next morning, I had a visit...from the Holy Spirit. It was in the winter and it was pitch black outside. The inside of the truck became a milky white as wave after wave of radiance washed over me.
I became aware of another presence in the truck. He was sitting in the passenger seat. It was the angel. Wave after wave of radiance was washing over him also. I heard him say, "Father, I have missed you..."
I was the one who drug him into the pit of despair and kept him sick to his stomach for 24 years; now I was given the privilege of bringing him into the radiant glory of the Most High.
Since then, other angels have ask him if he wants to trade. His answer now is, "No. I have went this far with him, I want to see how this plays out."
Have a nice day...
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