My name is Mark Kroger. The very pretty young woman beside me is my niece, Sara. As I am divorced, I thought my picture would look better with a pretty young woman beside me and Sara volunteered. Well... actually, I had to bribe her... :-)))
I am 55, an electrician for the University of  Dayton, Ohio and I am addicted to computing. Bud Light and Party Central were my only past times for 24 years and I looked for some thing to replace them that had purpose.
I am a Christian, but I don't preach and I don't harp [but I do share...] For the 24 years that I drank, even with a Christian Heritage, nothing you could say, could sway me from Bud Light or Party Central. I was cordial, but they weren't going to leave until it was time for them to leave.  They are gone and have never returned. But I have never forgotten the lesson. Let me brighten your day.
I refurbished old computers for eight years for low income families, but building a Website in Scrippy has zoomed to front. I still refurbish, but now, only upon request.
The Website and Scrippy go together. Scrippy is awesome with Stationery, but in triple border Websets, Scrippy has no equal. That is my only goal; to build a context-story oriented, motivational Website in Scrippy.
I have tributed several pages as to my start with the Website...I owe a lot to Lea, Lin, Pino, Larry and Marcie. I owe a lot to countless others for sharing what they had, whether it be an idea, a picture, a midi, a template or just an awesome timeout. I am striving to pass on what they have shared freely with me.
All of my sscs are public domain and someone may use them for any purpose without permission or tribute.
Once the sscs have made a Webpage, for me, they have served their purpose. So the statement is not intended as a statement of offense, just pointing out my only purpose is to build a Website, so the resulting sscs serve me no further purpose except to share with other Scrippy users.
My stats? I am 5' 10" and 165 lbs. I am into bio nutrients and life extension. I hope to live to 105, but if I don't, I know where I am going when I get off the bullet train.
As you can tell, my selection of music is pop and I favor high energy. I work in a college environment. UD is the greatest working environment on the planet. And it keeps you thinking young. The Website is actually an offshoot of an email list of college students.
A Professor friend of mine ask me, "Mark, how can you be so outgoing and be such a lone wolf?" I told her that I didn't know, I inherited it when I left Party Central in 1992.  I am very much a people person, I just have a hard time in groups or crowds.
[Sorry... :-(( ]
If you like the Website or have any comments, you may email me at  I would be glad to hear from you. I intentionally don't keep a guest book to protect visitors from not so good links.
I hope you aren't too disappointed... Have a great day!
You can download the ssc here.
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